Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taste and See

We need to taste the Goodness of God, we can’t just stop at satisfying ourselves intellectually, there is so much more he wants to show us...I think the main thing being that HE IS ALWAYS WITH US, singing over us, telling us He loves us, Not counting our sins against us, Always encouraging us… Oh Man, being In his presence enforces those truths in to who you are.. We just need to believe!

Take a Read of an Article I came across by Bill Johnson:


"I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel. My heart also instructs me in night seasons. I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. You will show me the path of life. In Your presence is fullness of joy. At your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
Psalm 16:7-8, 11

"For David says concerning Him, 'I foresaw the Lord always before my face.'"
Acts 2:25

David is saying, "I set the Lord before me." How did David do this? He set the Lord before him by recognizing His presence. We can do the same as we learn to adjust our hearts until we realize, "He's here." The ongoing realization of the presence of the Lord—the awareness of God being in us, upon us, and with us—is one of the most vital elements to the Christian life.

David became the great leader over Israel by leading them into prosperity, blessing and their greatest military victories. They finally received all the land that was promised to them, all those years from Joshua onward. David came and brought them into their inheritance. David was a great leader because he was the greatest of worshippers and the greatest of warriors. David wasn't even a Levite, but he was the ultimate priest. I believe he was so effective because of this principle. I have sought to pursue this principle every day in my own life. I set God before me by becoming aware of the presence of the Lord who is with me.

Our confidence levels skyrocket when the presence of the Lord becomes manifested to us. The clearer the manifestation of His presence, the greater the dimension of faith. To live by the theory of His presence is wrong. To say, "Well, I know He's always with me" is not good enough. That truth must launch us into an experience, or we're violating the truth. Truth is given as an invitation for divine encounter so that we would know by experience that God is upon us and God is with us.

David's entire life as a warrior and a priest was focused on this one thing: to daily take time before Him until we can see Him. Since we can't imagine a place where He isn't, we might as well imagine Him with us. The imagination is a tool that God uses to express Himself in and through us. The imagination is to be harnessed and yielded to the Lord so that in the process of yielding it becomes sanctified, and the sanctified imagination is positioned to perceive Him. The Bible goes so far as to say, "Having our senses trained to discern good and evil." Through this process of training our senses, we become able to recognize the presence of the Lord. David gives us this key, the absolute heartbeat of his life, as if he is telling us, "This is how I made it. Every day I beheld Him with me."

I feel that David's experience is a summons to the same privilege and responsibility to turn our awareness towards His presence, and in doing so, we invite the increase of that manifestation. As a result, when we behold the Lord, we have far greater success and far greater joy by ministering not out of principles but out of His presence.

Bill Johnson

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Glory to Glory

I went to a service of Bennjamin and his wife Stephanie at Northway Church (Durban North) and was completely blown away by them.. it was an awesome time of just freedom in the presence of God, no holding back, no pre concieved ideas of what was going to happen.. but it was a glorious time...was left with this thought, If Moses experienced Glory under the Old Covenant to a point where he had to cover His face, Imagine how much more we can see it under the New Covenant being able to enter boldly the throne room of God and sit at His feet..From Glory to Glory! The Gospel is Good news about a Good God, if He did not hold back His very own son surely he will not hold back every aspect of His kingdom...I cant imagine He would give us life through His son and then Hold back every other wonder & blessing of being His Son/Daughter.

Take a read of one of his articles from his website :

The Happy Gospel

In 1 Timothy 1:11 in the Rotherham translation we see what the Gospel really consists of:
... according to the glad-message of the glory, of the happy God.
Yes, the message is one of extreme gladness and God is an extremely happy God!

The focus of the Happy Message, which we call the Gospel, is and will always be; the Nature of God and the nature of what He has accomplished for humanity through His Son Jesus the Christ.

This message to humanity is infinitely blissful and glad, for in it we find the cure for fallen mankind. The Gospel itself is the drink every heart longs for. It lifts man from his wretched, sinful state into the limitless heights of happiness and holiness found only in salvation.

The Good-News is centered in God’s son, and tells of a new existence given graciously to all who believe and trust in it’s power.

There are many non-gospels as the message bible puts it, in Galations chapter 1, that pretend to be Gods message but none of these can or will have the same effect as the True Gospel does upon the heart of the believer. None can produce the heart satisfaction and endless peace that only the true Good- News can procure.

When this message is declared it does not leave a man feeling unworthy and pitiful. In fact, when preached, the glorious Gospel leaves man with the realization that there was an infinite cost paid to make him worthy. It opens a door to a new reality. It leaves us with beauty in trade for ashes. Tears are turned into wine and the sound of rejoicing is heard instead of the sound of weeping.

The Gospel leads men to repentance not because of the fear of eternal punishment, but because of the promise of eternal bliss! It is the goodness of God, the divine pleasure, which leads man to repentance.

In the Gospel we see the greatest gift given to the universe, sent not to condemn but to save. Sent to save the human race from a lifeless existence separated from God. To save from sin and its sting in this life!

The Gospel is the declaration of freedom from all sin, sickness, disease, depression and death and it is the voice of the Lord that speaks to the darkness and turns it into light.
To know the Gospel as anything less than this is tragic. Unless it is known and drunk down in its entirety, its benefits will never be realized.

Next time someone preaches to you "the gospel" check your joy meters; because only the true Glad-Message of Christ's' finished work on the cross the can tip the scales!

Much love