Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catch up

Well, its been a HUGE couple months.. Me and Family packed up out stuff in SA and moved to Hong Kong, we've joined City Church Iternational led by Rob Rufus and released our Debut Album "Colours for a Canvas - Wide Open Spaces"..

We've always had a huge desire to travel and experience another nation and culture.. Its been just that so far, a great and huge experience! We have settled into a little house in a village called Sha Kok Mei.. Its quiet and quaint and nestled at the foot of a mountain along the seaside area called Sai Kung. Its surrounded by loads of little Islands to explore, sporting facilities, resturaunts and its super safe ...its not what we expected, we thought everything was just buildings and lights.. so thats been a real treat for us. We're excited about what God is doing here in us and through us, we've learnt so much and its only been 5 months!

Anyways, we are all set up with our Home recording studio and are looking forwards to getting our Debut Album out there to as far as we can get it and writing and recording some new songs! The last album was a couple years in the making and we poured alot into it.. we hope to release another within the year, feeling a new vision and direction..we just need to document it now.

much love

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