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When You're Afraid About A Decision You Have To Make

“Please pray for us that we will know the right decision to make,” Larry asked the small group who met in his home. “We believe that taking the job I’ve been offered in Dallas is the right thing, but we want to make doubly sure we aren’t missing God’s will. You know how deceptive the devil can be. I don’t want to be misled by him. The way he deceives us sometimes is so insidious. I don’t want to be fooled. We know he is cunning and we really want to hear from God on this situation.”

As Larry talked, it began to sound like this time had been set aside to honor Satan himself. More was said about the devil’s ability to mislead us than was said about anything else. Of course, there is no doubt that Larry’s sincere desire was to know and do God’s will, but listening to the way he talked, you’d think that the ability of the enemy to deceive us is greater than God’s ability to keep us in His will.

Larry isn’t different from many Christians today who live a life filled with fear that they’re going to do the wrong thing. They tip toe through this world like a scared little girl in a haunted house. I meet them all the time. They say, “Steve, pray for me. Pray that I won’t miss the will of God.” Or, “Satan is so powerful and so deceptive. Pray for me. I don’t want to miss the will of God.” Or, “I want to stay in the center of God’s perfect will. I can be deceived and can make a mess of my life if I go out there apart from God’s will.” They go on and on about the ability of the enemy to deceive them. They’re so scared that they’re going to miss God’s will, that when they do make decisions, they’re always timid and tentative and unsure.

When it comes to making decisions regarding God’s will, many seem to abandon faith altogether. Instead, they express great fear that they’re going to miss it. Their fear so handicaps them, that they sometimes do practically nothing of any real spiritual significance. They’d rather do nothing than take the risk of making a mistake.

Don’t be paralyzed by analysis paralysis. Don’t come to the place of no further progress in your grace walk because of your fear you might make a wrong choice. Do you want to know and do God’s will? Then trust Jesus Christ. Appropriate Jesus Christ as your life, and then … decide! And move forward in faith — not in apprehension and fear, but in faith — saying, “Lord God, thank you that you are my life, and I will trust you to live through me.”

Make your decisions on faith, not fear, and rush into them with confidence that Jesus will enable you to

Steve MCvey

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  1. I just love this article, Analysis Paralysis. A spiritual illness. If we don’t get paralysed physically, then we let our minds paralyse us. That has robbed God’s people for far to long. God speaks to our hearts, and then our minds get in the way. Fear can’t reign in our hearts because the love of Jesus dwells there. Perfect loves casts out all fear.

    It makes me mad that we give so much credit to Satan. For so many years I lived in such fear of making the wrong decision that then would take me a very long to make it “right with God again” so that I would end up at the promised “inheritance” here on earth. A man made inheritance. That constant place of confusion robbing people of enjoying Jesus and his promised delights and favour right here right now. I read something once along these lines, “Go until you hear a no!”. That was so liberating to me. For inheritance is spelt (IN + heritance) not (OUT). We are always IN His plan. So many of God’s beloveds have been waiting years and years and years for things to happen for them. The Father I have come to know definitely does not desire to see his children “whither away in the waiting”. Right now I feel God would say, “Take your mat, and get up and walk (John 5 v 8). WALK INTO IT ALL!

    I have been meditating on Psalm 83 v 11, enjoyed these two translations:

    For the LORD God is our sun (enlightens, quickens, comforts & directs) and our shield (protects). He gives us grace (His favour & fruit) and glory (honour). The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right (NLT).

    The LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD grants favor and honor. He does not hold back any blessing from those who live innocently (God’s Word ® Translation).

    How awesome is that that when we speak to God he looks on His Son, the Anointed one. He has promised us grace and glory. He desires for us to be completely happy and to enjoy him forever and ever and ever.
    For even in the OT in Genesis 15 v 1 God says to Abraham "Do not fear, Abram, I am a shield to you; Your reward shall be very great."

    As Sons and Daughters of the most High Lord, we are the House of the Lord, His dwelling place, so let us not be afraid to approach the Lord of the House.

    Shaking with the Shakabongi!!!