Monday, July 12, 2010

3 new songs

Hope you are all well, The world cup is over, what a bummer as its been such an awesome time! Neen and I were given tickets to the Germany and Spain semi...what an Experience! Durban has the best stadium...Feel it, its is gone!

I am very excited to share some new songs with you, at the moment it will just be over the internet. I have been working overtime in my studio on these songs all the while recording and producing some other artists. Its been quiet a process and we are writing and recording some new material but we are so happy to let these 3 out there! Please take time and visit our Facebook or myspace websites, or search "Colours for a Canvas" on Facebook

The new songs are: Into deep, Power of the blood, Love flavoured wine....I hope you enjoy and please feel free to spread the word about Colours for a Canvas.

Much Love

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